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“Lafferty was at Hearts when he revealed his battle after

By April 28, 2015SoundCloud

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bags ysl replica The Northern Irishman revealed last year that he was battling a gambling addiction but it has now been 365 days since he put on a bet.The 30 year old has revealed he has never been happier.And he took to Twitter to reveal his happiness as he tweeted: “Never thought I would ever see this day.”It’s been one year today since the last time I placed a bet. I was in a dark Yves Saint Laurent Handbags Replica place and lowest I’ve ever been and to come out of it and celebrate this achievement is amazing and I’ve never been happier. 365 days.”Lafferty was at Hearts when he revealed his battle after previously being punished by the FA for placing bets while a Norwich player in February 2016.He was fined on that occasion and admits it was a turning replica ysl bags point for him as he feared he would miss out on playing at the Euros with Northern Ireland.Since then, he has turned his career around and after a successful season with Hearts earned a move back to boyhood heroes Rangers as well as getting married and having a kid in his personal life.When he revealed his problems he said: “The punishment could have been a lot worse. bags ysl replica

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